About Us

Small is the Goal

There is a natural loss in the fidelity of communication as it is passed from one individual to another.  Small companies, by their nature, provide more direct access to the people who architect or develop directly on the project, not salesmen or support staff unfamiliar with what's really going on. Communicate more directly with people that matter! Large and medium-sized organizations struggle with bureaucracy. We implement business practices and policies that cut through the red tape to get work completed. 

We know our business

Information Technology now encompasses a broad range of subdisciplines.  We have yet to see a company, big or small, that does ALL things well in IT.  Our focus is Solution Development.  It's what we do well. We understand your business processes and we place the best solution in place matching those business needs. Implementing a custom web solution involves a great deal of people smarts in addition to the necessary technical talent. We utilize a very patient and persistent integration plan that gets the job done.

We're passionate about what we do

We enjoy our work and the process of getting better as we implement new ideas, improve current solutions, and troubleshoot problem areas for our customers. We're not just interested in finishing the job.  We're interested in solving your business problems and ensuring that your technology is done right!



Corporately, we are firm believers in integrating well and contributing back to our local community. Visit our Community Page to see how Data Research Group is getting involved.